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The secret sauce is YOU!

What’s your relationship with confidence? For many of us, confidence is a barrier to living a life full of joy. Today, I’d love to share with you my journey surrounding this topic and leave you with three tips to help you boost your confidence this week.

The Struggle to Be You 


Throughout my life, I’ve heard many things that led me to believe who I am, as I am, isn’t always enough. Whether it was criticism surrounding my skin complexion, hair, or weight, someone always had an opinion that left me feeling like I couldn’t measure up.


Then, one day, a shift happened! And I realized that every part of me makes me valuable. Furthermore, no matter what the world said to me, my relationship with God consistently proved that He made room for me in this world through my gifts. Embracing this truth hasn’t just been transformative for my confidence, it has changed many aspects of my life. 

Here are three ways I reclaimed my confidence. 


Steps to Boost Your Confidence

1.  Reinvest in Yourself: Spend time inventorying who you are. Reflect on what you are proud of, what you excel in, and how you transform spaces you are a part of. 

2.  Identify the Value to the Community: Highlight the unique ways you add value to your community. Are you empathetic? Are you a good listener? Do you make people laugh? It all matters because it’s valuable to the people around you. 

3.  Discover Your Gifts: Spend time identifying all of your gifts. You’ll find that everything you’ve ever needed and wanted has been within you this whole time.


Seven Day Self Care Plan


This week, I encourage you to take a few moments to boost your confidence. Spend five minutes every day reflecting on how your talents, gifts, and personality make the world a brighter place. 

1.  Day 1: Reflect on a time you helped encourage a loved one.

2.  Day 2: Think about a task you excelled in this week.

3.  Day 3 Consider the support you provide your family.

4.  Day 4: Recall a moment using your gifts/talents that brought you joy.  

5.  Day 5: Reflect on a compliment you received and why it mattered.

6.  Day 6: List three reasons you are proud of yourself.

7.  Day 7: Reflect on a time a time you exemplified the most confidence. What was unique about that moment? How can you create more moments like this? 


Remember, confidence starts with you recognizing the value you bring to the world and acknowledging that you are here on purpose. Taking these steps and reflecting on your unique contributions will help you kickstart your journey to a more confident you.


Happy Confidence to you all.


Yours Truly, 


The Purposed Therapist

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