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Purposed Joy Mission

Hey there! I am Shekinah Joy Lee Med,ALC, NCC. I am the founder and CEO of Purposed Joy LLC. Our goal is to provide different wellness tools to help participants get to their best selves. We do this by providing hands-on activities , events , blog posts, videos and other resources in the area of self-care and mental health. Resources and activities to be provided are based off of research and theories proven to improve mental health wellness. For example self-care worksheets, affirmation cards , low-risk assessments ,Self-Care Saturday Brunch , Self-Care group sessions via zoom and Self-Care Saturday Live events. If you find that you are in need of some one on one attention, feel free to schedule a session with me! I now offer virtual therapy sessions under the supervision of Dr. Jetaun Bailey. 

 We aim to encourage others to declutter, refocus and get a hold of their most authentic version of themselves. It is our belief that if we can help individuals cultivate purpose, they will consequently cultivate joy! Our platforms include Instagram , Facebook, our website and YouTube!Thank  you for stopping by and we look forward to seeing you at our next event ! 

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