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What is in your way ?

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

We have all heard the saying when you know better you do better. If you haven’t , it is a common saying used to imply that if you know an improved way of doing something you will automatically do better. However for some , when it comes to us taking care of our spiritual, mental and physical selves I do not think this saying applies. For some reason we find every other excuse in the world to not apply what we know towards our overall health. We don’t go to the doctor like we should.We don’t encourage ourselves like we should. We don’t protect ourselves like we should. We don’t love on ourselves like we should. We don’t leave mentally abusive relationships. We don’t set real boundaries. When it comes to taking care of ourselves, we know better but don’t always do better. Why is that ?  What is it about showing up for ourselves in every area of our life that we struggle with?   What is standing in the way of us and operating in wholeness ?  How can we actually “DO” better?  I have a few suggestions. The one I want to talk about in this article is choosing yourself first always . Now this can be very difficult. Especially when our nature tells us to care for others first. That is true in a sense , but the reality is if we aren’t taking care of ourselves we CAN’T truly take care of anyone else. Choosing yourself is also not being in a space of selfishness or greed. Choosing means having so much value for yourself that you will do whatever is necessary to protect it. You have to be so madly in love with yourself that if anything is asking you to compromise your values it’s a no go. You know better than anyone els what your limits are.  So when some one comes and tries to cross that your boundaries  response should be to correct them or leave them alone. Unfortunately, our response tends to be the opposite. So how do you hold true to those boundaries ? How can you put yourself in a position to take no mess?  You have to have confidence enough to know that you are worth the NO. There is something valuable about you that is worth protecting. Something that others may try to mistreat. You have to be the guardian of your full potential. You have to know that I is at a stake if your purpose isn’t cultivated properly. Once you really get a hold of you are you will stop at nothing to see that most authentic version of you shine. Make it so that there’s nothing in the way of you truly doing better. Even if the thing standing in the way is you ! 

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