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Welcome to the Reset Mixer

Presented by Purposed Joy

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We Appreciate You!

Welcome to the Purposed Joy Reset Mixer !

We appreciate you so much for coming ! 

Here is some brief information to make sure you get the best of this experience ! 

Have an open mind and an open heart and be prepared to RESET YOU!


Time to Release Whatever is Holding you back!

Take a moment to envision your highest self ?

Imagine yourself accomplishing everything you ever wanted to. Envision yourself having real peace.  What does that feel like ? Look like ? Now ask yourself the question, What is standing in the way of having that? What is it that you KNOW you have to let go of to get to your best self? Is it doubt? Fear? Procrastination?, Negative relationships?Take a real inventory of what needs to addressed so you can be better !

 Yes ! That right there !

Now take your permanent marker

from your kit , and write it on your plate. Once you write EVERYTHING that you want to let go of, go to the Release station and throw your plate at the Release Rock ! 



Congratulations ! You have released anything holding you back now it is time to RESET!!! Take a moment to think about what you want for 2021!  Go back and think about that whole version of yourself. What does a day in that life look like? What new habits do you need to have to achieve that life? What words of encouragement can you give yourself? 

 For example: " I am at peace"

   " I am successful" " I am proud of myself" " I write my own story" 

Now take some of those thoughts and create your affirmation board. You can complete it now or marinate on it and take it home. Make it your own and place it wherever you will see it often. Maybe even take a picture of it and make it the background to your phone. Either case, write a new narrative for your story ! Words trigger thoughts. Thoughts trigger emotions. Emotions trigger actions. It all starts with words and those words start with YOU!


Thank You Again For Coming!

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