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Rosebush Activity Prompt

 Now, I would like for you to shift your attention from your body to your imagination. Imagine that your hair is a rosebush. Picture your hair  being a rosebush. As you picture yourself being connected to this rose bush  what do you see? How large is it? Does it have flowers? If so, what kind of flowers? Do they have leaves? . Thorns? Roots? Where are you planted? Are you in a yard? A park? In the city? The country?  In your imagination, look around you, what else do you see? Are you alone? Are there other flowers? Trees? Animals? Birds?

What is it like being connected to this rosebush? How does it feel? As you imagine your hair as a rosebush, notice what it’s like. 

 In a few seconds, I would like you to open your eyes and create a picture of your hair as a rosebush. Now very slowly, open your eyes. You may begin creating your rosebush.

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